Visit The City Of Love Alcobaça

Seeking travel information about Alcobaça as having a planned vacation here? Well, this is the city comes in the municipality Oeste sub region. The city has been growing along the valleys of the Baça and Alcoa River and thus offers lots of scenic beauty and a top tourist destination. Here is the list of places that most tourists visit.

You can start your trip visiting the first and the most popular site Alcobaça Monastery. This is the Roman Catholic Church and it belongs to 1153. The church has a beautiful architect and a rich history. You can see the imprints of the culture of that century in this church.

The second most exciting thing in the city is Parque dos Monges. This is the place where you can spend all your days enjoying. Basically, this is the park of monks and it has equipments and designed activities that give a new experience of living and shaping the life. The zoological park is inside this park. After enjoying the zoological park, you can engage yourself in some fun-filled activities like climbing, slide, archery, water games, canoeing and many more.

Castle of Alcobaça is mesmerizing and it is the third top attractions of the city. The details of the spot are it is a castle located at the hill which is at about 70 meters height. The Baca River flows adjacent to the castle, giving it a wonderful appearance. Now, only some parts of the castle are remaining, still, it is worth visiting the place.

If you are in love with someone, then visiting this place will be a wonderful experience. The garden is located near Alcoa and Baca River. It was built in the memories of lovers Pedro and Ines, the garden is a leisure property. It also gives you the choice of dedication. You can write a message for your love and keep it in one of the 700 shelves for years.