Top Things You Can Do In Changsha

Are you planning a trip to Changsha and want to know more about the city. Here is my experience of the city that will give you an overview of what to look at the city.

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan province and it is also the largest city in the province. This city is said to be of (1046–256 B.C.). At the present time, Changsha is known for Mawangdui, it is the exceptional assortment of tombs of the Western Han dynasty. Let’s have a look at the main attraction of this city and what it is famous for.

If you are a nature lover like me then start your trip to the city visiting Mount Yuele. The most famous park in Changsha, the park is massive in size and students of China study about this park. Go for a walk up on the hill and you will love it. The mountain has the natural beauty in ample and it has some historical sites as well, this includes Lushan Temple, Aiwan Pavilion, Yunlu Palace and King Yu Monument. This spot is the best for history lovers, hikers, and nature lovers. I am a lover of all three so I like this a lot.

Another wonderful spot to visit in Changsha is Orange Isle. There is a huge statue present and it was of young Mao Zegong at the time he wrote the famous poem Ju Zi Zhou Tou (Orange Isle). The statue is massive and its carving is impressive. It is also one of the top attractions of Changsha.

The other places that I visited and liked include Tianxin Pavilion, autumn-admiring pavilion, windows of the world, Tanheli, Shiyanhu Ecological Park, Dongting Lake.

I also liked the food of Changsha sold at every nook and crannies.