The Health Education Council – What They Do & How They Can Help You

The Health Education Council - What They Do & How They Can Help You

The Health Education Council (HEC) is a non profit organization with the mission of directing people towards a healthier lifestyle through methods like education, training, access as well as advocacy.The Health Education Council is wholeheartedly dedicated to the elimination of aspects like preventable causes of death which result from tobacco use along with bad nutritions and the lack of physical activity in people lives. HEC has origins that stretch back to their first year of operation in 1979 and have grown to have 25 programs across the nation that educate the public on leading a healthier lifestyle through their staff of diverse individuals as well as community partners along with funding from various sources, and direct their major focus on giving this information to areas that do not have or have little access to information about the right way to optimal health.

Programs That The Health Education Council Offers

The Health Education Council offers a diverse list of different programs that all focus on the eduction of the public that provide the needed health information as well as empower them to get healthier. These programs include education on nutrition, food security, prevention of tobacco use, problems related to breast and cervical as well as all encompassing programs. Here are the programs that the Health Education Council offers:


  • California Project LEAN also known as Leaders Encouraging Activity & Nutrition)
  • Kaiser Healthy Eating & Active Living
  • Network For A Healthy California – Gold Country Living
  • Children’s Power Play! Campaign
  • In The Grow – Geared towards eliminating childhood and adult obesity by providing easier access to fruits and vegetables as well physical activity sourcesthat can be accessed through preschool teachers, along with education that will help assist in the pursuit to lose weight.
  • African American Campaign
  • Latino Campaign
  • Worksite Program
  • Physical Activity Campaign
  • Health Eating Active Living Collaborative


  • Susan G. Komen Foundation


  • Break Free Alliance
  • Tobacco Control For High Risk Youth & Young Adults
  • National African American Tobacco Education Network also known as (NAATEN)
  • Initiating Faith Based Tobacco Interventions

On The Health Education Council’s site, they also have a materials/services section in which they offer various case studies on various topics revolving around tobacco that can educate and help individuals that read them.


  • Stone Soup Community Gardens
  • Ethnic American Treasures (EAT) from the Garden
  • Food Education Equity and Diversity Coalition
  • Del Paso Heights Community Farmers Market


  • Addressing Disparity In Asthma
  • Fighting Against Steroids