Public Health Education – What It Is & Job Requirements

Public Health Education - What It Is & Job Requirements

Public health education is knowledge that is offered to the public by a health educaiton specialist, from sources that are scientifically based of of principles that involve both the promotion along with a the education of topics on health. This promtion and education are administered by public health education specialists through a variety of learning methods like; speeches, write ups, audios, programs and more, and are geared towards educating the publich on a myriad of different topics, some of which can include:

  • Early Disease Detection
  • Eating Habits & Healthy Body Image
  • Smoking and Drinking Cessation
  • Healthy Relationships
  • STD’s
  • Self Acceptance
  • Various Addictions
  • Anxiety/Stress/ Depression Coping Methods
  • Nutrition and Working Out
  • Lifestyle Changes for Alternative Therapy
  • Peer Pressure
  • Bullying
  • Online Saftey

These are some of the many different topics that are taught through public health education, which is taught by individuals in many places like; schools, auditoriums, one on ones, groups, organizations and more. The main goal of public health education is to effectively communicate the message which equates to people learning health knowledge and good health habits which they will be empowered to utilize in their daily lifes, in order reach better or optimal health on mnay different fronts. The provide a more alternative and proactive approach to a healthly life, and focus on providing knowledge to large groups of people who are healthy now, instead of trying to help just one person at a time, which is what traditional healthcare does.

By focusing on giving the community education on public health, they will enable large groups of people to develop healthly habits now, so they can enjoy longevity and better quality of life, avoid traditional medical care and diseases. Public health education also provides people with an alternative to the rising medical costs, with alternative ways of therapy, which according the the Bureau of Labor Statistic, is the exact reason the profession will only continue to grow at fast rates as people can not afford medical costs and are searching for alternative treatment methods.

Areas of Public Health Education

When it comes to the different areas that are involved in the profession, there are various areas the public health education is focused upon, which the main areas include:

  • Health of the Environment
  • Global as well as International Health
  • Health of the Mother and Child (During Pregnancy)
  • Good Nutritional Health
  • Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology
  • Education on Health and Behavioral Sciences
  • Emergency Medical Services

Public Health Education Job Requirements

If one is looking to go into the public health education field, they need to meet the requirements below:

  • Have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences or similiar. Other jobs mostly volunteer jobs in public health education can be attained by those who are either a registered nurse who obtain certification in public health or a physician assistant (PA). Although it is suggested that one has a Masters Degree which offers better opportunity for career advancement.
  • Although it is not required, one can also obtain the Certified Health Education Specialist title, which enables differentiate themselves from other applicants. This is done by taking an exam that is administered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing Inc, which also requires individuals to commit to at least 75 hours of Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) every 5 years.