How To Start A Health Education Career – Job Description, Salary & More

How To Start A Health Education Career - Job Description, Salary & More

If you are looking to start a health education career, it is a great time to do so as more and more people are needing alternative treatments and methods that can bring about better results than traditional western medicine and other traditional ways have brought them. A career in health education will consist of educating individuals, groups, businesses and public audiences with information and methods that when applied to their own lives can make both short term and long term positive changes on their health and well being. When this teaching is administered to individuals, not only are you positively affecting the health aspect of someones live, but their is also the possibility of the trickle effect where this knowledge will be passed on to friends and families.

Health Education Career Focuses

Educating and bettering peoples health is a broad focus of what a health educator career consists of, but there are a myriad diffrent focuses that a health educator teaches upon, some of which can include;

  • Disease prevention and early detection of on coming disorders and diseases.
  • Coping with mental health problems like depression, anxiety, stress and more.
  • Positive body image.
  • STD’s and safe practice.
  • Getting off of alcohol and drugs.
  • Eating healthy and exercising.
  • Eating disorders.
  • Deals with bullying.

These are just some of the topics that are taught to people by health educators, which another major part of the career is providing resources to pupils that can help them beyond what health education can provide. These jobs can be found in businesses, non profit organizations, government, schools and colleges, health care facilities, self employment among others. Other apsects of the job can include applying for grants to fund projects, promotion and marketing of health education programs, public speaking, collaborating with like minding individuals and businesses, write ups on health for publication purposes and more.

Health Education Career Salary

A health education carrer can allow you to get paid while making a huge impact on countless lives you can get paid pretty good, which the median salary is around $60,000 per year, in which this salary can range a lot higher in certain jobs as well as if one chooses to attain higher education, like a Doctorate in Public Health one focuses more on policy creation as well as works in administrative positions, where the salary can easily surpass $100,000 per year. Salary inhibitors can consist of where you live, demand, experience among others, but as it looks the salary will only go up due to the demand for health educators now and in the future according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Health Education Career Prerequisites

The first thing one need to obtain to enjoy an entry level position is a minimum of a Bachelors degree. In order to advance in ones health education career, a Masters degree is suggested. The degree needs to be related to health education like Public Health which the degree will get one a job in the profession. There are other optional prerequisites like the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) certification which is done by taking a test and committing to continuing education hours. This certification can offer a more committed feel to the profession that makes itself apparent on applications as well as is at times certification that employers ask their employees to attain.