How To Become A Personal Trainer

How To Become A Personal Trainer

The good thing about when it comes to how to become a personal trainer is the fact that you can get the credentials that you need to start a career so much faster than you can with most all other professions and have to potential to earn a lot more as well. But all in all the main thing that it takes to become a personal trainer is the passion for helping people make the changes in their lives that they haven’t been able to make themselves as well as a great passion for the health and wellness feild. Having these two things will give provide you with a strong enough reason to become a fitness trainer and give you the endurance needed to build up your clientele. Now after one has completed the steps to how to become a personal trainer, they can be a personal trainer in two different senses of the phrase, which one can choose to work at a gym, resort or health club and build a clientele by networking and having the employer provide you with clients or they can choose to become self employed which many seasoned personal trainers choose to do which allows them to build a larger clientele along with be able to charge more for sessions.

Steps To How To Become A Personal Trainer

  • Step 1: Now the first actual step to how to become a personal trainer is doing your training, which you can get the training you need from the convenience of your own home as providers like National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American College of Sports Medicince (ACSM) Aerobics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as well as the American Council on Exercise offer interested candidates books and study manuals for home use. Training will really involve building up a solid foundation in patients, as many of them are beginners, that allow them to attain a platform needed not only to be able to do more difficult and strenious exercises and regimens, but also mentally be prepared to do so. This training material will teach you about different exercises that focus on building core strength on more levels that just lifting weights in a traditional sense. Some examples of what else is touched upon is nutrition and mangaging ones weight, proper workout form, cardio training and heartrate, body conditioning, GP exercise referals and, anatomy and physiology and more.
  • Step 2: This step is actually considered optional due to the fact that it is actually not required that you have any certification to become a personal trainer but most of the time it is required by employers in order to start taking clients. So Passing the credentialing exam is step two to how to become a personal trainer which you will be given a certain timeframe for you to complete you training, which after the alotted time is up then you will need to go to a testing center and take your test.
  • Step 3: Getting an interview is the last step to how to become a personal trainer which you can ace the interview by having a passion for helping people through wellness which will be very evident to the interviewer along with have the crendials above which will show that you are dedicated to having credentials that others are two lazy to attain along with having the knowledge needed to provide the memebers with the best training on the market.

How To Become A Personal Trainer Conclusion

Now these are the stops it takes to how to become a personal trainer, which after you have completed them you will be able to start building a clientele which you will need to integrate fitness plans that will mesh with the personal needs of each of your clients, as no client is the same, a program that will challenge them in a way that they will be able to handle, not to much but not to little. Programs needed to motivate and inspire clients to follow through with it that will get them results which will provide them with the the motivation they need to push through and continue with the regimnen. Now the most important step inspiring the clients to do this is to allow them to envision what it will be like when they reach their goals, and get them passed the point and mindset that they are in right now. Also working with your patients and establishing a “why” which is why they want to be in shape and change the direction of their life, which can range anywhere from getting fit for a reunion to an older client wanting to be healthy enough to play with his or her grandchilden and watch them grow up. Acknowledging minor and major acheivements will inspire your clients to push through, along with pushing passed what they think are their “limits” showing them that the only limts that have are the ones that they impose on theirselves.