Health Educator Salary – Highest By State & Job Outlook

Health Educator Salary - Highest By State & Job Outlook

As of 2012, the health educator salary is around $60,000 per year with hourly wages that are around $30 per hour. The salary can also be complemented with benefits like; 401K, health and life insurance, dental and vision among others as well as the major benefit which is you inspiring individuals, groups and communities to adapt better habits that will inturn equate to people being able to possibly prolong their life as well as bring better quality of life. The $60,000 a year salary average is based off of a traditional 40 hour work week, and can obviously go up with overtime hours.

Highest Average Health Educator Salaries By State

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top 5 states that have the highest salary for health educators are below, which bear in bear in mind that these projections were from 2010:

  • District of Columbia – Averaging $85,140 annually.
  • Maryland – Georgia – Averaging $77,560 annually.
  • Georgia – Averaging $70,280 annually.
  • Road Island – Averaging $65,130 annually.
  • Nevada – Averaging $61,960

In which the highest average for health educator salaries is in the metropolitan area of Bethesda-Frederick-Gaithersburn MD Metropolitan Division which the median annual salary came in at a staggering $95,640.

Other Factors That Dictate The Health Educator Salary

The salary of a health educator can go up or down slightly or significantly depending on a few different factors which are:

  • Experience – This involves both how long you have been administering your health educator craft as well as scholarly experience, as the minimum requirement to obtain employment as a health educator is a Bachelors Degree, which higher salaries and advancement can result in the attainment of higher education. This also includes extra certification and continuing education, like for example there is a certification status called Certified Health Education Specialist (CHE) which is a certification test that shows employers that the health educator has gone above and beyond the knowledge that traditional health education degrees provide.
  • Population/Geography – The health educator salary can also be dictated by location in which you live in, as all communities has different numbers when it comes to it’s population Ancol4D. Smaller towns will have less people, which means less demand, whereas larger metropolitan towns will have a larger audience with a broader number of health education needs that need to be met, meaning more job opporunity and job diversity along with most likely a higher health educator salary.
  • Specialty/Type of Facility – There are various different specialties and places where you can find health education jobs in which the health educator salary can differ. For example different health educator jobs can range from jobs in; schools and colleges/universities, hospitals, businesses, supervisors, community as well as self employment.

The Future Of The Health Educator Salary

The Bureau of Labor also states that the health education profession will experience a huge spike in employment demand and job opening during the decade timeframe of 2008 to 2018 which it will grow by 18 percent. This fact alone equates to the health educator salary average only going up each and every year as where there is demand, there is negotation!