Health Education Lesson Plans Examples

Health Education Lesson Plans Examples

Health education lesson plans are vital to the communication of good health habits to students from their educator. In order to educate students on any subject, one must be completely prepared on what they are going to be teach in their health education lesson plan to get across their message to the audience. If you are looking to provide a program to a community or audience soon or in the future, you can use the below health education lesson plans examples to form a plan of attack when it comes to teaching your students good habits on health.

Health Education Lesson Plans Examples

Being that there are various different topics that one can touch upon through a health education lesson plan, below are various different examples on topics that deal with different categories of health education, as well as subcategories that can be used as the body of the speech or teaching. These health education lesson plans can be taught through various forms like videos, reading, research and activities with groups, class discussions and more.

Alcohol Abuse Health Education Lesson Plans

  • Diciphering between pro alcohol advertisements through the media as well as as well as warnings about alcohol, as a way to get rid of mixed messages on the topic.
  • Ways it causes harm to your body.
  • Effects it has on your senses as well as your behavior, and how different types of alcohol can has different effects, for example; wine, shots and beer.
  • Teaching on setting individual consumption and different amounts have different effects on each individual like weight and gender among others.
  • Importance of pregnant women avoiding it because of the adverse effects in can cause to the baby.
  • Creation of a campaign that overviews the realistic view of exactly what comes out of alcohol consumption.

Smoking Cessation Health Education Lesson Plans

  • Provide insight on the dangers of smoking.
  • Provide the reasons that people begin to smoke, like personal and outside influences.
  • Campaign creation of what really happens when one begins to smoke both short term and long term.
  • Allocate a timeframe that is dedicated to allow students to pledge to the promise of never smoking.
  • Analyze actual smoking campaigns and to see where they are luring in certain age groups.

Sexual Pressures/Safe Practice Health Education Lesson Plans

  • Educate on different diseases as well as the effects they have on the body it contracted.
  • Different methods of protection and the importance.
  • Coping with different feelings about the way they are developing physically.
  • Understanding what sexual assault is and what to do in the event that it happens.
  • Understanding the burdens pregnancy can bring in young adult hood, financially
  • Help students understand the link that alcohol has on decisions involving sexual activity as well as methods that students can employ to avoid these risks.

Healthy Body Image/Eating Disorders Health Education Lesson Plans

  • Communicating the fact that everyone grows at different rates, and discussing individuality and not trying to keep up with others.
  • Explaining that celebrity images and images in magazines don’t always serve as a ideal body type as well as analyzing different ad campaigns.
  • Health eating habits that satiate hunger but isn’t a diet, as well as the right amount of consumption for each weight group.
  • How to spot eating disorders in themselves as well as their friends.
  • Use the “beauty is” exercise which enables students to list what they think beauty is for 25 minutes.

Anxiety/Depression/Stress Health Education Lesson Plans

  • Contributing factors, both outside themselves as well as mental factors, as well as root causes.
  • Coping mechanisms like meditation, positive self talk and reinforcement.
  • What to do if one gets to overwhelmed or feels like they will do harm to themselves which can include calling hotlines, working out among others.
  • Identification of different stress examples that may occur in ones life and how to cope with them.