Where To Find Community Health Education Jobs

Where To Find Community Health Education Jobs

If you are aspiring to become a health education specialist or already are, you may be wondering where you can find community health education jobs. The most popular work places for a health specialist consist of the following, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Hospitals – Which 50 percent of health education jobs are held in healthcare settings.
  • Government – About 25 percent work in government jobs.
  • Family Services
  • Companies

Community Health Education Jobs Requirements

If one so choose to enter the health education profession, they need to fulfill certain requirements in order to be considered by employers for their community health education job position. The following are either requirements or tips for getting your career started:

  • A minimum of a bachelors degree in “health sciences” or health administration” or a study similar. For one to enjoy better chances for advancement, it can be a good idea to attain a masters degree as well which has shown to benefit those hold community health education jobs with better salary and ease of getting jobs over those who have less qualifcation.
  • A test that administered by the National Health Commission for Education Credentialing which awards those who pass with the title of a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). The title is highly looked upon as it comes from one of the main forces in the health education industry. Although this is not a requirement for employment but is suggested for aspiring health education specialists to attain as it will differentiate one from other applicants.
  • Volunteer work and internships can provide your with better chances in getting employment as well.

Where To Find Community Health Education Jobs

If you happen to be looking for community health education jobs to gain employment, rest assured as the rest of this article is dedicated to you as we have 5 websites that are all dedicated to getting you into the best job for you. Below are the website in which you can find these community health education jobs as well as a description of what each website has to offer it’s users.

Healthjobsstarthere.com – This is a really cool site for those looking for jobs as community health educators, and offers services like job quiz’s which is to see which area health education is compatible with what you are looking for out of a career, salary information, the opportunity to ask career questions through their facebook and myspace pages, financial aid information, details about volunteering and internships and more.

Healthpromotionjobs.com – This site offers community health education job listings in every state in the United States, allows its users to post their resume for employers to check out, provides information about the different salaries for health educators and offers a link which will help aspiring health educators with finding programs that offer healthcare degrees.

Aahperd.org – This site is another excellent resource to utilize when searching for community health education jobs as well as other all encompassing information on the health education profession. It is owned by the American Association for Health Education.

If these websites do not provide you with the value you were looking for, you can also check out craigslist.org and look under their “jobs” section.