Hakone: Experience the Beauty of the Town Nestled in the Mountain

Hakone city is popular for its mountainous areas. The natural beauty impressed me to great extent. In fact, I think I have to come back to take in more of this bliss of nature. There are various attractions to check out. Take a quick look at some of them.

Hakone Onsen

In this region, I came across hundreds of onsen baths. They are either under resort or hotels or are open to the public. I couldn’t imagine staying in Hakone and not going for an onsen. It would have been like visiting Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. If you will visit happen to have one under your resort great. Otherwise, pay a small fee to take a dip in the public onsen.

Hakone Shrine

Local considered being a magical place as it is always either covered in mist or glows in a strange light. It is towards the end of Lake Ashinoki and is set in an old forest. As I walked towards the shrine, I found lanterns all along the way. Trust me; the path leading to the shrine is as mystical and beautiful as the shrine.

Lake Ashinoko

This is actually a volcanic crater which is popular for its scenic beauty. You can catch a glimpse of the might Mount Fuji. I took a boat tour around the lake. There are boats which have been designed to appear like the warships from Edo-era. In case you do not want to take a boat ride, you can enjoy the view from the shore.


It is a crater that had developed because of the major eruption at Mount Hakone. This area too is worth exploring. The eggs that are found here are known to add 7 more years to your life.