Discover Panamanian Art And Culture At Las Tablas

Las Tablas is a fantastic place to plan a vacation in Panama.  There are many options present that will thrill you, entertain you and take you to a new World. So, starting with the details of the city itself, it is the capital of Los Santos. The city has a small population of human and a massive collection of natural beauty. The city is well recognized as the national center of Panamanian folk. You will see here Panamanian Art, gastronomy, music, architecture, literature, and culture.

When I was in the city, I heard a lot about Belisario Porras Park, thus I decided to begin my city tour of this park only. Frankly speaking, I didn’t find this park much interesting. It is just a simple park that you can see anywhere in a city. Outside the park, you can see local people selling local gifts.

After the Belisario Porras Park, I headed to Museo Belisario Porras. The museum is not so big, but has some interesting collection of artifacts related to the life of Belisario Porras. He was the president of Panama three times.  

The Las Comadres beach has the true beauty of Los Santos. The beach has clean water and many stones all over the coast. The lake has got its name from stones present here. Two stones are present here named as Las and Comadres.

Pausilipo farm is declared as the national historic monument thus it has huge historical importance. This farm is the most prosperous farm in the region. When I visited the farm, I was impressed to see its beauty and have got lots of information about the history of the place.

Playa El Estero is the lovely beach of Las Tablas. It all types of beauty around with lots of picturesque scenes.