Dalian – A Perfect Asian Getaway

Dalian is a popular city in the Liaoning Province of China. Since the earlier days, the city has been extensively used by various rulers as a seaport for carrying out their trade and shipping activities. As of today, the city has become a major financial center of China and has been recognized by China Daily as “the most liveable city”. During my visit to China, I spent several days in Dalian. The place has many tourist attractions and can be stated as an ideal location for family holidays. Listed below are a few important places in the city.


  • Laohutan Scenic Park


Located in Zhongshan District, the Laohutan Scenic Park is a major attraction of Dalian. The place occupies a vast area of 295 acres and houses an Aquarium, a bird sanctuary and a Tiger Park that derives the name from its massive sculpture of “Running Tigers”. The place is known for its Marine Animals World where you can enjoy the famous Dolphin and White Whale show. It is a place of many wonders and I would definitely recommend this destination.


  • Dalian Forest Zoo


Located across Yingchun Road, the Dalian Forest Zoo is one of the most visited places in the city. The mountainside zoo is truly beautiful and is made of expansive natural landscapes. The top attractions of the zoo are its elephant show and panda pavilion. The place also houses wild animals like chimpanzees, leopards, and tigers. There is also a cable car ride which I found to be quite adventurous.


  • Sun Asia Ocean World & Polar World


If you are traveling with kids, you should definitely visit the Sun Asia Ocean World. The place is a natural habitat for lots of sea animals and wild birds. The Dolphin show is the highlight of the place and many tourists gather to see the spectacular event. They have an aquarium tunnel and a huge collection of aquatic creatures nestled in a coral world.