Cusco – The Hidden City

Related imageThe city was briefly named as the capital of the Inca Empire. It is surrounded by small cliffs and is a city where you will find the ancient architectures of Peru. There are temples and palaces and colonial buildings going back to literally a hundred years. The streets here are concretely cobbled with pink stones making it look really medieval and outstanding in this modern world. The city literally has wealth when it comes to historical monuments and heritage sites. If you are the ones who love going through history, this is definitely the place to visit. Here is some must-see in my opinion.

Santo Domingo and Corsicana

This site hosts a church; it was once the ruins of the very famous castle of the Corincancha and now is turned into this heritage site. This was named as the courtyard of gold, due to its beautiful infrastructure and interiors. However, after the restoration it’s not the same but remains of the old shiny architecture can still be found and spotted there. You can take the guided tours by several guides which are not paid. The rocks that are used in the making of the ruins are white and pearl shaded. Some parts of the site have been restored by the same volcanic rocks that were the reason for it getting ruined. You will love taking the tour from the top of the site to the bottom. It also has crypts that they give you tour of with some amazing stories to go with it.


This is one of the most loved, popular and reputed complexes you would ever have been to. This has been named as one of the most significant heritage ruins of Peru, by the locals who reside there. The city held much religious importance and as well as the military. The place was once used as a base for military and once it got ruined, people used to religiously pray in the very same spot for the peace within of the militants who gave their lives here. The place is a must visit, given the kind of importance it holds.