Changchun: Enjoy A Cultural True

Changchun offers cultural attractions to historical sites. As I stepped into this city, I was in a mood to explore. I discovered new places and experienced unique things. Check out the activities and attractions to be a part of. This will help you to plan out a perfect trip.

  • Changchun Movie Millennium Town

Changchun Movie Millennium Town offers all recreational activities put under one roof. The place has a theme park, Movie Wonderland, 4D screens, horror house, and light shows. If you are traveling with your kids, you can take them to the spate playhouse for children who are under 15 years. There are also refreshment centers and candy stores.

  • Zoological and Botanical Garden

The first zoo of Asia, the Garden had been built in the year 1938. However, because of the Second World War and the Cultural Revolution, it has suffered a great setback. The Garden covers 74 hectares. It is divided into three parts into animal, plant, and bird section. You will find an artificial lake that transits into one botanical garden. It reminded me of a similar garden in Tampa, USF Botanical Gardens. It is beautiful and very similar in design and layout.  The park is a place for the migratory bird too.

  • World Sculpture Park

Renmin Street has a park which honors the traditions of several countries in the world by keeping sculpture of different cultures. It covers an area of 92 hectares and has 439 sculptures built by 395 from about 212 countries. You will come across statues of African tribes. The statue captures the style and essence of abstract expression and postmodernism.

  • South Lake Park

This is the biggest park that you will find in the city. The park serves as a retreat from the jostling crowd of the city. It is built in 1933 covering 220 hectares with trees, bridges, lakes, and pavilions. The extensive range of activities that it provides makes it the most preferred park. There is an amusement park and you can take a ride on the boat.