Amadora: The City Of Dreams

If you are in the capital city of Portugal, do not miss this! This is just a short ride in the metro away from the city. I wanted to capture more of the culture of Portugal, and when I was suggested to visit this place, I did not refuse. The reason being, this has some of the finest palaces in the whole of the country. There are plenty of monuments, some recognized on the national scale, some not very well – known but extremely fascinating, and some who have been recognized as World Heritage Sites. My trip began from the moment I took the metro on the blue line, it passed through some of the best-known landmarks and spots of the city.

Let us have a look at some of the most famous places to visit here:


  • Palacio Nacional


This has been one of the greatest palaces in Europe since the 18th Century. One can witness the grandeur in architecture, the moment you would step in the complex and you would not stop at the amazing finery in architecture, lighting, the outdoors and the paintings that hand around the place. You can also witness a boating canal.


  • Aguas Aqueduct


This is one of the greatest feats in engineering as it survived the Earthquake that struck in the year, 1755. It passes through the major area of the city, and the purpose of this structure is to solve the water shortage issues in the city. You can also witness some of the most famous and oldest arches around here which dates back to the time of the Gothic.

Traveling to this place is very easy once you touch down on Lisbon. Make sure to keep at least three days specifically for this place so that you can soak in what it has to offer.