Almada – A City By The Ocean

Almada is a city in Portugal, situated on the southern shores of the Tagus River. The origin of the city can be traced back to the prehistoric times. Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of humans in this region during the Neolithic age. In addition to old streets and monuments, the place has many beaches on its Atlantic coastline. During our stay in Almada, we went to several tourist attractions and the best ones are listed below.

  • Cristo Rei

The statue of Cristo Rei is one of the most popular monuments in Almada that brings in thousands of tourists from different parts of Portugal and abroad. The height of the gigantic statue of Christ is 79.30 meters and is located in the coastal zone of the city. An elevator and a flight of steps took us to the pedestal of the statue from where we enjoyed the views for several minutes. The experience was quite exciting.

  • Parque Da Paz

Parque da Paz is a beautiful park in Almada that occupies an area of over 60 hectares. The place has green landscapes, large lawns, and lots of tree groves that offer a great setting for hiking, riding bikes, or day-long picnicking. The highlight of the place is the Monumento à Paz which is a 26-meter tall modern structure. We had a great time at this grand park and took lots of pictures.

  • Dom Fernando II E Glória

Your Almada tour cannot be complete without visiting the legendary ship of Dom Fernando II e Glória. It is a 50-gun frigate that was launched in the year 1843. The monumental warship is the last of its kind. After undertaking several historic voyages the ship was anchored in Almada. As of today, it is a museum ship that exhibits realistic mannequins depicting the life of 18th-century voyagers. If you are a hardcore traveler, you would really enjoy visiting this historic museum ship.