Cusco – The Hidden City

Related imageThe city was briefly named as the capital of the Inca Empire. It is surrounded by small cliffs and is a city where you will find the ancient architectures of Peru. There are temples and palaces and colonial buildings going back to literally a hundred years. The streets here are concretely cobbled with pink stones making it look really medieval and outstanding in this modern world. The city literally has wealth when it comes to historical monuments and heritage sites. If you are the ones who love going through history, this is definitely the place to visit. Here is some must-see in my opinion.

Santo Domingo and Corsicana

This site hosts a church; it was once the ruins of the very famous castle of the Corincancha and now is turned into this heritage site. This was named as the courtyard of gold, due to its beautiful infrastructure and interiors. However, after the restoration it’s not the same but remains of the old shiny architecture can still be found and spotted there. You can take the guided tours by several guides which are not paid. The rocks that are used in the making of the ruins are white and pearl shaded. Some parts of the site have been restored by the same volcanic rocks that were the reason for it getting ruined. You will love taking the tour from the top of the site to the bottom. It also has crypts that they give you tour of with some amazing stories to go with it.


This is one of the most loved, popular and reputed complexes you would ever have been to. This has been named as one of the most significant heritage ruins of Peru, by the locals who reside there. The city held much religious importance and as well as the military. The place was once used as a base for military and once it got ruined, people used to religiously pray in the very same spot for the peace within of the militants who gave their lives here. The place is a must visit, given the kind of importance it holds.

Hakone: Experience the Beauty of the Town Nestled in the Mountain

Hakone city is popular for its mountainous areas. The natural beauty impressed me to great extent. In fact, I think I have to come back to take in more of this bliss of nature. There are various attractions to check out. Take a quick look at some of them.

Hakone Onsen

In this region, I came across hundreds of onsen baths. They are either under resort or hotels or are open to the public. I couldn’t imagine staying in Hakone and not going for an onsen. It would have been like visiting Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower. If you will visit happen to have one under your resort great. Otherwise, pay a small fee to take a dip in the public onsen.

Hakone Shrine

Local considered being a magical place as it is always either covered in mist or glows in a strange light. It is towards the end of Lake Ashinoki and is set in an old forest. As I walked towards the shrine, I found lanterns all along the way. Trust me; the path leading to the shrine is as mystical and beautiful as the shrine.

Lake Ashinoko

This is actually a volcanic crater which is popular for its scenic beauty. You can catch a glimpse of the might Mount Fuji. I took a boat tour around the lake. There are boats which have been designed to appear like the warships from Edo-era. In case you do not want to take a boat ride, you can enjoy the view from the shore.


It is a crater that had developed because of the major eruption at Mount Hakone. This area too is worth exploring. The eggs that are found here are known to add 7 more years to your life.

Gifu: Take a Respite in Nature

Gifu is centrally located in Japan. The natural beauty of the city simply enthralled me. Apart from the beautiful nature, the city is known to have contributed to the history of Japan, too. It has been privy to many battles in the past. As a matter of fact, it is the history and natural beauty that has made it so popular among tourists. There are several attractions that I came across which can be an interesting visit. Take a quick look at some of them.

Spend a Night at Shirakawa Village

On top of my list was Shirakawa village. This has been declared as the World Heritage Site. Here, you will find unique triangle shaped houses which had been designed to keep up with heavy snowfall in the region. Some of these have been reserved for tourists. It is a combination of rural and traditional living style. Staying in the cottage was a unique experience.

Take a Boat Ride to Watch Cormorant Fishing

Cormorant or Ukai is a conventional fishing method of Japan that piqued my interest. An event is held surrounding this fishing method where fishing masters gather for catching ayu in the river. Watching men catch fish by lighting flames was an impressive thing to watch.

Enjoy Hida Beef

Japan is famous for the quality of beef that it offers. Hida beef, one of the top quality beef is to be found in this city. It is tender and juicy. There are different restaurants serving delectable dishes of Hida beef. Trust me; each and every dish is just delicious. The only downside is that you might have to pay a heavy price to have the beef. However, it is worth spending money to have something like this. The taste is surely going to linger for a lifetime.

Discover Panamanian Art And Culture At Las Tablas

Las Tablas is a fantastic place to plan a vacation in Panama.  There are many options present that will thrill you, entertain you and take you to a new World. So, starting with the details of the city itself, it is the capital of Los Santos. The city has a small population of human and a massive collection of natural beauty. The city is well recognized as the national center of Panamanian folk. You will see here Panamanian Art, gastronomy, music, architecture, literature, and culture.

When I was in the city, I heard a lot about Belisario Porras Park, thus I decided to begin my city tour of this park only. Frankly speaking, I didn’t find this park much interesting. It is just a simple park that you can see anywhere in a city. Outside the park, you can see local people selling local gifts.

After the Belisario Porras Park, I headed to Museo Belisario Porras. The museum is not so big, but has some interesting collection of artifacts related to the life of Belisario Porras. He was the president of Panama three times.  

The Las Comadres beach has the true beauty of Los Santos. The beach has clean water and many stones all over the coast. The lake has got its name from stones present here. Two stones are present here named as Las and Comadres.

Pausilipo farm is declared as the national historic monument thus it has huge historical importance. This farm is the most prosperous farm in the region. When I visited the farm, I was impressed to see its beauty and have got lots of information about the history of the place.

Playa El Estero is the lovely beach of Las Tablas. It all types of beauty around with lots of picturesque scenes.

It Is Completely Fun To Be In La Chorrera

La Chorrera is an awesome place to spend a vacation, this I realized when I traveled to this city. You can come here with family, friends to have some amazing time. It is a municipality and a city in central Panama, which is located in the south-west direction of Panama City. The best thing about La Chorrera is the women here are beautiful, people are kind-hearted. Additionally, the city has a rocking nightlife.

The city is one of the largest in Panama and famous for its international fairs. It is also the home of Chicheme and Bollo. It is the home of San Francisco. The city has given many internationally acclaimed players.

Now, coming to the attractions of La Chorrera, then there is no shortage of it. I decided to spend three days in the city, but I stayed here for seven days. Some of the places where I visited and I found interesting are

Isla Tres Perros, this is the Panamanian island and it is located near the Panama Canal channel which is located in the southwestern part of Gutan Lake. The Island is amazing and safe for visitors. The other attractions of this city are

Feuillet Park, the park is wonderful and one of the major attractions of local people. You can sit in the park to have some relaxing time. I also enjoyed Isla Centinela and ServielectriDiaz, both are major attractions of La Chorrera. All these places are great to be with friends and family. There are lots of entertainment and fun options present.

Additionally, La Chorrera has some great restaurants and eating joints that serve authentic local food. You walk around the nooks and crannies of this city and you will many such food joints. I thoroughly enjoyed the food here.

Culiacan: Discover The Beauty Of The Colorful City

Culiacan has to offer a wide range of possibilities if you want to spend a great time and have some fun. I found this to be a rural tourism. I enjoy extreme sports and took part in mountaineering and all types of outdoor activities. There are iconic places which will amaze you for the architectural style. If you are in Mexico, you should check this out for sure. Here are some of the attractions you need to look out for.

  • Culiacan Cathedral

The cathedral was started being constructed in the year 1842 and it was complete by 1885. The large structure features an eclectic style. It has the characteristic of the baroque and neo-classic period. At the main façade, I came across the Saint Michael’s statue. It is considered to be the most significant one in the whole city and situated close to Plaza de Armas.

  • Sinaloa Science Center

The Culiacan Sinaloa Science Center provides visitors with many different ways of finding more about technology and science. You will be surprised to find out what it has to offer. As a matter of fact, the science center offers answers to several internet questions. You are surely going to have a great time experiencing hearing, seeing, experimenting, and touching. I found the world’s largest meteorites in here. Here, you can interact with technology.

  • Genaro Estrada Cultural Center

It has been made the center for all cultural activities like cinema, dance, and literature in the middle of ’60s by the state government. This is a big theatre which has the latest technological equipment and is put to use by theatres, dance and music companies all over the world. You will also find a famous art school here along with a movie theatre, and a big library.

Dalian – A Perfect Asian Getaway

Dalian is a popular city in the Liaoning Province of China. Since the earlier days, the city has been extensively used by various rulers as a seaport for carrying out their trade and shipping activities. As of today, the city has become a major financial center of China and has been recognized by China Daily as “the most liveable city”. During my visit to China, I spent several days in Dalian. The place has many tourist attractions and can be stated as an ideal location for family holidays. Listed below are a few important places in the city.


  • Laohutan Scenic Park


Located in Zhongshan District, the Laohutan Scenic Park is a major attraction of Dalian. The place occupies a vast area of 295 acres and houses an Aquarium, a bird sanctuary and a Tiger Park that derives the name from its massive sculpture of “Running Tigers”. The place is known for its Marine Animals World where you can enjoy the famous Dolphin and White Whale show. It is a place of many wonders and I would definitely recommend this destination.


  • Dalian Forest Zoo


Located across Yingchun Road, the Dalian Forest Zoo is one of the most visited places in the city. The mountainside zoo is truly beautiful and is made of expansive natural landscapes. The top attractions of the zoo are its elephant show and panda pavilion. The place also houses wild animals like chimpanzees, leopards, and tigers. There is also a cable car ride which I found to be quite adventurous.


  • Sun Asia Ocean World & Polar World


If you are traveling with kids, you should definitely visit the Sun Asia Ocean World. The place is a natural habitat for lots of sea animals and wild birds. The Dolphin show is the highlight of the place and many tourists gather to see the spectacular event. They have an aquarium tunnel and a huge collection of aquatic creatures nestled in a coral world.

Top Things You Can Do In Changsha

Are you planning a trip to Changsha and want to know more about the city. Here is my experience of the city that will give you an overview of what to look at the city.

Changsha is the capital city of Hunan province and it is also the largest city in the province. This city is said to be of (1046–256 B.C.). At the present time, Changsha is known for Mawangdui, it is the exceptional assortment of tombs of the Western Han dynasty. Let’s have a look at the main attraction of this city and what it is famous for.

If you are a nature lover like me then start your trip to the city visiting Mount Yuele. The most famous park in Changsha, the park is massive in size and students of China study about this park. Go for a walk up on the hill and you will love it. The mountain has the natural beauty in ample and it has some historical sites as well, this includes Lushan Temple, Aiwan Pavilion, Yunlu Palace and King Yu Monument. This spot is the best for history lovers, hikers, and nature lovers. I am a lover of all three so I like this a lot.

Another wonderful spot to visit in Changsha is Orange Isle. There is a huge statue present and it was of young Mao Zegong at the time he wrote the famous poem Ju Zi Zhou Tou (Orange Isle). The statue is massive and its carving is impressive. It is also one of the top attractions of Changsha.

The other places that I visited and liked include Tianxin Pavilion, autumn-admiring pavilion, windows of the world, Tanheli, Shiyanhu Ecological Park, Dongting Lake.

I also liked the food of Changsha sold at every nook and crannies.

Changchun: Enjoy A Cultural True

Changchun offers cultural attractions to historical sites. As I stepped into this city, I was in a mood to explore. I discovered new places and experienced unique things. Check out the activities and attractions to be a part of. This will help you to plan out a perfect trip.

  • Changchun Movie Millennium Town

Changchun Movie Millennium Town offers all recreational activities put under one roof. The place has a theme park, Movie Wonderland, 4D screens, horror house, and light shows. If you are traveling with your kids, you can take them to the spate playhouse for children who are under 15 years. There are also refreshment centers and candy stores.

  • Zoological and Botanical Garden

The first zoo of Asia, the Garden had been built in the year 1938. However, because of the Second World War and the Cultural Revolution, it has suffered a great setback. The Garden covers 74 hectares. It is divided into three parts into animal, plant, and bird section. You will find an artificial lake that transits into one botanical garden. It reminded me of a similar garden in Tampa, USF Botanical Gardens. It is beautiful and very similar in design and layout.  The park is a place for the migratory bird too.

  • World Sculpture Park

Renmin Street has a park which honors the traditions of several countries in the world by keeping sculpture of different cultures. It covers an area of 92 hectares and has 439 sculptures built by 395 from about 212 countries. You will come across statues of African tribes. The statue captures the style and essence of abstract expression and postmodernism.

  • South Lake Park

This is the biggest park that you will find in the city. The park serves as a retreat from the jostling crowd of the city. It is built in 1933 covering 220 hectares with trees, bridges, lakes, and pavilions. The extensive range of activities that it provides makes it the most preferred park. There is an amusement park and you can take a ride on the boat.

Amadora: The City Of Dreams

If you are in the capital city of Portugal, do not miss this! This is just a short ride in the metro away from the city. I wanted to capture more of the culture of Portugal, and when I was suggested to visit this place, I did not refuse. The reason being, this has some of the finest palaces in the whole of the country. There are plenty of monuments, some recognized on the national scale, some not very well – known but extremely fascinating, and some who have been recognized as World Heritage Sites. My trip began from the moment I took the metro on the blue line, it passed through some of the best-known landmarks and spots of the city.

Let us have a look at some of the most famous places to visit here:


  • Palacio Nacional


This has been one of the greatest palaces in Europe since the 18th Century. One can witness the grandeur in architecture, the moment you would step in the complex and you would not stop at the amazing finery in architecture, lighting, the outdoors and the paintings that hand around the place. You can also witness a boating canal.


  • Aguas Aqueduct


This is one of the greatest feats in engineering as it survived the Earthquake that struck in the year, 1755. It passes through the major area of the city, and the purpose of this structure is to solve the water shortage issues in the city. You can also witness some of the most famous and oldest arches around here which dates back to the time of the Gothic.

Traveling to this place is very easy once you touch down on Lisbon. Make sure to keep at least three days specifically for this place so that you can soak in what it has to offer.