Changchun: Enjoy A Cultural True

Changchun offers cultural attractions to historical sites. As I stepped into this city, I was in a mood to explore. I discovered new places and experienced unique things. Check out the activities and attractions to be a part of. This will help you to plan out a perfect trip.

  • Changchun Movie Millennium Town

Changchun Movie Millennium Town offers all recreational activities put under one roof. The place has a theme park, Movie Wonderland, 4D screens, horror house, and light shows. If you are traveling with your kids, you can take them to the spate playhouse for children who are under 15 years. There are also refreshment centers and candy stores.

  • Zoological and Botanical Garden

The first zoo of Asia, the Garden had been built in the year 1938. However, because of the Second World War and the Cultural Revolution, it has suffered a great setback. The Garden covers 74 hectares. It is divided into three parts into animal, plant, and bird section. You will find an artificial lake that transits into one botanical garden. It reminded me of a similar garden in Tampa, USF Botanical Gardens, near my friend Fran who owns The Fran Haasch Law Group.  It is beautiful and very similar in design and layout.  The park is a place for the migratory bird too.

  • World Sculpture Park

Renmin Street has a park which honors the traditions of several countries in the world by keeping sculpture of different cultures. It covers an area of 92 hectares and has 439 sculptures built by 395 from about 212 countries. You will come across statues of African tribes. The statue captures the style and essence of abstract expression and postmodernism.

  • South Lake Park

This is the biggest park that you will find in the city. The park serves as a retreat from the jostling crowd of the city. It is built in 1933 covering 220 hectares with trees, bridges, lakes, and pavilions. The extensive range of activities that it provides makes it the most preferred park. There is an amusement park and you can take a ride on the boat.

Amadora: The City Of Dreams

If you are in the capital city of Portugal, do not miss this! This is just a short ride in the metro away from the city. I wanted to capture more of the culture of Portugal, and when I was suggested to visit this place, I did not refuse. The reason being, this has some of the finest palaces in the whole of the country. There are plenty of monuments, some recognized on the national scale, some not very well – known but extremely fascinating, and some who have been recognized as World Heritage Sites. My trip began from the moment I took the metro on the blue line, it passed through some of the best-known landmarks and spots of the city.

Let us have a look at some of the most famous places to visit here:


  • Palacio Nacional


This has been one of the greatest palaces in Europe since the 18th Century. One can witness the grandeur in architecture, the moment you would step in the complex and you would not stop at the amazing finery in architecture, lighting, the outdoors and the paintings that hand around the place. You can also witness a boating canal.


  • Aguas Aqueduct


This is one of the greatest feats in engineering as it survived the Earthquake that struck in the year, 1755. It passes through the major area of the city, and the purpose of this structure is to solve the water shortage issues in the city. You can also witness some of the most famous and oldest arches around here which dates back to the time of the Gothic.

Traveling to this place is very easy once you touch down on Lisbon. Make sure to keep at least three days specifically for this place so that you can soak in what it has to offer.

Almada – A City By The Ocean

Almada is a city in Portugal, situated on the southern shores of the Tagus River. The origin of the city can be traced back to the prehistoric times. Archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of humans in this region during the Neolithic age. In addition to old streets and monuments, the place has many beaches on its Atlantic coastline. During our stay in Almada, we went to several tourist attractions and the best ones are listed below.

  • Cristo Rei

The statue of Cristo Rei is one of the most popular monuments in Almada that brings in thousands of tourists from different parts of Portugal and abroad. The height of the gigantic statue of Christ is 79.30 meters and is located in the coastal zone of the city. An elevator and a flight of steps took us to the pedestal of the statue from where we enjoyed the views for several minutes. The experience was quite exciting.

  • Parque Da Paz

Parque da Paz is a beautiful park in Almada that occupies an area of over 60 hectares. The place has green landscapes, large lawns, and lots of tree groves that offer a great setting for hiking, riding bikes, or day-long picnicking. The highlight of the place is the Monumento à Paz which is a 26-meter tall modern structure. We had a great time at this grand park and took lots of pictures.

  • Dom Fernando II E Glória

Your Almada tour cannot be complete without visiting the legendary ship of Dom Fernando II e Glória. It is a 50-gun frigate that was launched in the year 1843. The monumental warship is the last of its kind. After undertaking several historic voyages the ship was anchored in Almada. As of today, it is a museum ship that exhibits realistic mannequins depicting the life of 18th-century voyagers. If you are a hardcore traveler, you would really enjoy visiting this historic museum ship.

Visit The City Of Love Alcobaça

Seeking travel information about Alcobaça as having a planned vacation here? Well, this is the city comes in the municipality Oeste sub region. The city has been growing along the valleys of the Baça and Alcoa River and thus offers lots of scenic beauty and a top tourist destination. Here is the list of places that most tourists visit.

You can start your trip visiting the first and the most popular site Alcobaça Monastery. This is the Roman Catholic Church and it belongs to 1153. The church has a beautiful architect and a rich history. You can see the imprints of the culture of that century in this church.

The second most exciting thing in the city is Parque dos Monges. This is the place where you can spend all your days enjoying. Basically, this is the park of monks and it has equipments and designed activities that give a new experience of living and shaping the life. The zoological park is inside this park. After enjoying the zoological park, you can engage yourself in some fun-filled activities like climbing, slide, archery, water games, canoeing and many more.

Castle of Alcobaça is mesmerizing and it is the third top attractions of the city. The details of the spot are it is a castle located at the hill which is at about 70 meters height. The Baca River flows adjacent to the castle, giving it a wonderful appearance. Now, only some parts of the castle are remaining, still, it is worth visiting the place.

If you are in love with someone, then visiting this place will be a wonderful experience. The garden is located near Alcoa and Baca River. It was built in the memories of lovers Pedro and Ines, the garden is a leisure property. It also gives you the choice of dedication. You can write a message for your love and keep it in one of the 700 shelves for years.

York: This Wondrous City Is Straight Out Of A Magical Book

York is known of its history to steam rains, from ghost stories to chocolate tasting; it is full of wonder and joy.

  • Yorkshire Museum

Housing an impressive collection of geological facts, sculptures, archaeology and also there are now also family friendly interactive displays and film elements. Great place to visit with kids.

  • York Art Gallery

I had the most fun visiting the York Art Gallery. It holds the largest collection of the ceramics of British studio of the country. Great for a family day out which is not something you’d expect from an art gallery. A ticket will allow you to return as many times as you like all day and entrance is free to anyone with a York discovery card.

  • York Minster

York Minster is a highly impressive building and the prominent landmark of the city. There are lovely and welcoming grounds to walk around or sit and enjoy the surroundings. Also, you’ll get a free guided tour at the ticket price. This is a great architectural gem in the city and is visible in the city skyline from most of the city; it is well worth a visit and is a great place to explore. The staff is friendly and helpful and it is well worth the entry fee.

  • Jorvik Viking

The Jorvik Viking village is a center of the smells and sights and has a museum in its premises. It is an amazing place for the kids to have fun and enjoy the beauty of nature and the serenity. The tour takes you back to Viking times with all the sounds and smells.

  • City Walls

York City Walls is a must for any tourist as it is the longest stretched walls from the medieval times. Extremely well preserved and amongst all the cities in England, With just over 3 kilometers long, it took me approximately two hours to complete the whole circuit – also, if you prefer you can also take up shorter sections for walking. They are open every day. Just be there before dusk after which they close. The ticket is free for all.